Unfiltered Truths

There are a lot of topics that seem to be taboo in everyday conversation. For people like me who were born without a filter, I tend to break these unspoken conversation rules on a regular basis. Probably not the best trait for a human resources professional, but I am who I am… and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This thought came to me yesterday while getting a therapeutic massage. My regular massage therapist has become difficult to book in with, so I’ve been trying out alternate RMTs. Although each practitioner has his or her different techniques, the initial visit is typically the same. They assess you while making notes on your chart, and then they leave while you undress and get on the table. In every case, they tell you to strip down to your underwear. This is when I usually explain that I don’t wear underwear; at least, I used to.

The idea that going commando should be kept a secret has never crossed my mind. I’m sure if you asked any one of my friends, they would know this about me. However, the last massage therapist I tried out seemed dumbfounded when I told her I’d be naked on the table. “Whoops” In that moment, I realized that it was possible being naked might be a faux pas. I didn’t have a spare pair in my purse, so I had no choice but to endure an awkward massage.

Needless to say, I didn’t return to that clinic. Not due to the “unmentionables” situation; I just wasn’t impressed by the overall experience. Which brings me to yesterday’s appointment. Since I didn’t want a repeat of my last experience, I brought a pair of undies with me to work. I threw them on at the end of the day, and off to my appointment I went. To prep me for my massage, she tucked the blanket into the edge of my underwear, and the massage began.

I fell into a half-sleep as she worked on my tight muscles, and all thoughts of a pair of panties drifted away.